Pinky and Peet – Introducing young people to our little Aussie bush lizards.

Pinky-and-Peet-featureOnly recently re-discovered, this little lizard has been the focus of many dedicated volunteers in the wilds of South Australia!

Written by Dawn Hawthorn Jackson and illustrated by Jan Finlayson

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Wattle Bird’s Garden – A Counting, Colouring and Activity Book

Wattle Bird’s Garden is a story of a Wattlebird’s journey of discovery through a garden. This book was produced to provide children with an insight into Ecology. Our aims are to stimulate children’s observational and lateral thinking skills, by encouraging them to listen to the story, look at the pictures and think about and question the relationships between plants and animals commonly found in their gardens. We hope people enjoy this book as much as we have enjoyed writing and illustrating it.

We can provide you with multiple copies of this book, each containing a coloured front and back cover. A variety of colours are available to choose from and a combination of colours can be purchased. Each book costs only $5.00 (plus postage and handling). To order multiple copies of Wattle Bird’s Garden please contact Dawn at Emu Consulting on Mobile:0481 098 045 or email:

. Fifty cents from the sale of each book is donated to the Nature Conservation Society of South Australia. To learn more about the Nature Conservation Society please visit:

Download Wattle bird’s garden here.

Testimonial 1: “I bought two of these books, one with a yellow cover and one with a blue colour, which I gave to my grandchildren. They both thoroughly enjoyed them. A big thanks”. Bev Brooks.

Testimonial 2: “Dear Dawn, Brian and Paula, I sent one of your books to my elderly Aunt in Scotland and she thoroughly enjoyed colouring in the book”. I also bought one for my grand daughter who also loved it. Thankyou,”. Sylvie Nottle.



Fact Sheets

Interview with Major Sumner, A Ngarrindjeri Elder



Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Workshop August 2014

Desert Detective Day 2011



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Be a Desert Detective Free Family Fun Day



Ecology For Kids Day

Scientific Papers

Some cautions in the use of citizen science: a case study of urban insect collection

The engagement of volunteers to collect scientific information (citizen science) is a powerful tool for gathering biodiversity information and for achieving environmental education objectives. Here we describe an intervention designed to enhance participant understanding of insects in ecosystems. We did this by involving them as citizen scientists to collect insects on traps and by providing them with enriching information about insects. We also evaluated the use of citizen scientists for the collection of insect biodiversity data. Despite targeted recruitment around a focal site (a constructed urban wetland), participants were spread throughout the Adelaide metropolitan area, a result of the most successful recruitment method being through electronic communication via social media. Use of paper flyers was ineffective. Surveys before and after the intervention demonstrated some enhancement of knowledge and understanding of insect roles in ecosystems, with participants nominating the insect trapping and subsequent information sheet being their primary sources of new information. However, participants largely appeared to have an existing interest in ecosystems and the environment, reducing our ability to improve understanding and attitudes in the community. Volunteer deployment of sticky traps proved successful in gaining new insect community data and shows promise for future use.

Teaching Resources

Pygmy bluetongue lizard facts

Pinky and Peet questions for pre-schoolers

Pinky and Peet primary school teaching notes

Appendices to support primary school teaching notes