Natural Resource Management and Education

grassland-management-webDo you have an environmental issue that you would like addressed? We can assist you with advice, education, extension, management plans and ecological assessments.

Case Study 1 – Ecological Assessment Project

simon-webSimon Cooper, a landholder in the Adelaide Hills contacted us and requested advice and an ecological assessment of a paddock, which he planned to develop into a small orchard. We visited the property, undertook an ecological assessment, organised for the testing of water and soil samples and provided him with a report. We also worked collaboratively with Simon and a horticulturalist to plan the site and address water issues. Simon participated in the ecological assessment, thereby enhancing his understanding of environmental management issues. This process enabled Simon to enhance his understanding about the importance and value of water and orchard environmental needs. He is now making sound management decisions based on his knowledge and understanding of the specific economic and environmental needs for his venture.

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Case Study 2 – Environmental Management Lecturing

Dawn presents guest lectures to Environmental Management students at Flinders University. In these lectures Dawn shares her experiences about working in the areas of environmental management, communication, education and community engagement during her employment with State and Federal Governments, and as a community volunteer and private consultant. Dawn draws on her working relationships with communities and involves the students in role playing exercises to help them understand the real environmental, cultural and social challenges that rural communities commonly tackle.

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Case Study 3 – Environmental Snakes and Ladders Game

Emu Consulting was contracted by the Northern and Yorke Natural Resources Management Board (The Board) to assist them with the development of their Snakes and Ladders environmental educational online game. This game has been developed to help teach primary school children about environmental management. Emu Consulting worked collaboratively with the Board’s Communications Officer to develop the text for the game. The game was trialed at local schools in the region and is now commonly used by children in the community. The game is now freely available online. To view the game on the Board’s website click on:

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Case Study 4 – Desert Detective Day

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - environmentEmu Consulting was contracted by the Australian Arid Lands Botanic Garden (AALBG) in Port Augusta to develop their inaugural Desert Detective Day. The aim of this event was to provide a free environmental educational experience to children and adults in a fun, interactive and explorative environment. Emu Consulting worked collaboratively with the Curator/Manager of the AALBG to ensure the event met the needs of the AALBG and community. The event was very successful with locals and tourists enjoying the day. It will be held again in 2012. To view the AALBG website please visit To view more photos please visit our Facebook page.

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Case study 5 – Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard Conservation Project


The recently rediscovered Pygmy Blue Tongue (PBT) lizard is receiving some much needed conservation protection thanks to an Australian Research Council grant and support from Flinders University, the SA Museum, Nature Foundation SA, South Australian government agencies and local community not-for-profit organisations. To assist with the recovery and ongoing protection of this species, Emu Consulting has been contracted to deliver community liaison support. We are working with Professor Mike Bull at Flinders University, the PBT Recovery Team and PBT Conservation Association Committee to enhance community engagement and governance processes to ensure the long term sustainability of this species. To learn more about the Pygmy Bluetongue please visit:

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Case study 6 – Lake Bonney SE Environmental Values Project

In 2012, Emu Consulting was contracted to facilitate a public consultation meeting at Mt Gambier, South Australia for the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The aim of this meeting was to:

  1. Share information about the management of Lake Bonney in the South East of South Australia
  2. Obtain feedback about the values that the local community attribute to the lake
  3. Understand the environmental, cultural and social importance of the lake to the local community.

To further assist the EPA, we also developed and presented them with a report outlining the feedback from the meeting. The EPA has included this report as an appendix in their final report which can be viewed at:

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Case study 7 – Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard Art Exhibition

Adult_Pygmy_Bluetongue_Lizard_(Tiliqua_adelaidensis)_web_smallTo help raise awareness of the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard, the Pygmy Bluetongue Conservation Committee (PBTCC) is sponsoring a Pygmy Bluetongue art exhibition which is being organised by the Burra Art Gallery. Emu Consulting is working collaboratively with these organisations to assist with this project. We recently met with Julie Morris, a respected wildlife artist, to discuss Julie’s generous offer to allow the PBTCC to use images of her Pygmy Bluetongue art exhibition entry paintings to develop a poster and postcards. Funds raised from the sale of these will be utilised by the PBTCC to help in the conservation of this important and unique South Australian endangered species.

To learn more about the Pygmy Bluetongue Lizard please visit: And, to view Julie Morris’ beautiful artworks please go to:

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Our Sponsorships

Emu Consulting is proud to be a sponsor of community events and charities.  To date we have sponsored the Ecological Society of Australia’s South Australian Ecology Day and their Ecology in Action photographic competition. The Ecological Society of Australia’s website can be viewed at:  Charities that we have supported include: Minton Farm, Nature Foundation SA, RSPCA, Hutt Street Centre, Country Fire Service, Women’s and Children’s Hospital and MS Society SA and NT.