Gardening Services

Hands-on help with your garden

Emu Consulting is providing proactive gardening education and maintenance services to individual, business and community-based property owners in the southern Adelaide metropolitan and Adelaide Hills areas.

Director of Emu Consulting, Dawn Hawthorn-Jackson, has built her knowledge of plant biology and environmental conservation over more than 30 years through academic qualifications and working with tertiary and government organisations.

Need hands-on help to establish and/or maintain your patch?  Dawn can help you:

  • Gain a fundamental knowledge of how to garden
  • Address problem areas within your garden and find a solution
  • Collect practical tips about planting to optimise growth
  • Minimise the use of chemicals by employing organic gardening principles
  • Foster the relationship between plants and beneficial insects
  • Maintain your garden and manage weeds
  • Sample your soil and improve its condition
  • Plan and plant your veggie and herb gardens, and grow fruit trees
  • Build and plant out raised garden beds, which are particularly beneficial for aged people or those with a disability
  • Establish a meditation or therapeutic patch for improved mental health
  • Participate in group workshops for adults, children or families to learn components of good gardening, specific to your choices.

Whatever you choose to do in your garden should make you smile. Whether you garden alongside Dawn and have her counsel and demonstrate as you go, or appoint her to manage your garden or plot, you will have a space that is beautiful and soothing. It will be a relaxing place to enjoy with children or to share with residents, visitors and staff to benefit everyone’s wellbeing.

Contact Dawn at or call 0481 098 045 to talk about your garden and how she can assist you from the ground up.

Learn more about Emu Consulting on Instagram: @emuconsulting

Flowering Gum in Orroroo, photo by Tim Froling

Flowering Gum in Orroroo, photo by Tim Froling