Thank You – Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Training

“Hi Dawn,

I want to thank you and Moogy for such a wonderful morning on Thursday. The session was fantastic. I’ve been to 3-4 different Aboriginal Cultural Awareness training sessions before and I learn something new every time. The aspects of your session that I loved was the ability to enter into Aboriginal culture through the touching of the artifacts on the tables, and the dancing that concluded the day. The timeline was an important part of the session as it gave an understanding of the ongoing, devastating impact of legislative and social racism on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The way that Moogy shared stories, both personal and of people he knows, was a really important part of the session as it brought the ‘theory’ to life.

For me personally, the session was different in a great way, in that I didn’t leave feeling devastating sad and powerless in that sadness. I felt like I was able to reflect on past and present discrimination, as well as learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures which I loved.”

Robyn Lierton – Community Engagement and Diversity Manager – ECH